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"Finding My Way: A Teen’s Guide to Living with a Parent Who Has Experienced Trauma is an invaluable tool in the hands of those so often forgotten in dealing with trauma: the teenagers who are confused and frightened by what is happening. Practical in its format, clearly and concisely written, this vital resource avoids jargon and fills a desperate need for these families. It deserves to be widely promoted, lest any teen think they are alone and helpless while finding their way..." (Reverend Jeremy Basset, Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Part One of Finding My Way clearly explains PTSD and other common responses to trauma, reviews co-occurring problems (including addictive behavior), and describes numerous treatment options. Part Two gently encourages readers to address their own strong emotions including anger, fear, confusion, sadness, and shame. Readers are then guided through the process of learning valuable coping tools, identifying their social support network, and figuring out how to deal with their friends. Part Three includes frequently asked questions, a glossary, and an extensive resource list. This honest and respectfully written manual serves as a roadmap for teens who are trying to find their way.

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A comprehensive educational and experiential book ... Easily understandable and accurate information combined with a compassionate and engaging style ... translates the features of PTSD into a readable format and draws the reader to the book. I enthusiastically recommend this exceptional resource.
Carolyn S. Henry, Ph.D. - Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice’s Advocate, Division 37 of the American Psychological Association (2007)

Should be on everyone’s bookshelf ... preferably a little worn, with a few smudges here and there ... gives them (teens) a voice and validates their feelings.
Dianne Collier - The Daily Observer (Ottawa, Canada) February 28, 2006

Addresses this difficult issue gently and respectfully. Fills an identified need at a critical time.
Daniel Clark, Ph.D. - International Journal of Emergency Mental Health (2006)

This book is a gem, and a rare one at that!
Farrrah M. Hughes, Ph.D. - The Family Psychologist (American Psychological Association’s Division of Family Psychology) (2006)

Takes away the mystery and gives coping skills to help them understand that these strange reactions are all normal. No one is losing their mind, things can get better, and their parent still loves them. Stresses the values we all cherish: dignity, worth, self-determination, the value of human relationships. Gently leads readers down a path to understanding what is going on in their families;
Jeanette TFW Pelton, LISW-S - THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER Online (2008)

This dynamic mother-daughter collaboration creates affinity with its readers as the authors talk about complex psychological issues in language any teen can understand. A beacon of hope that aims to shore up the reader’s present circumstance with a healthy perspective and some coping skills, enabling a proper recovery. Honest, hopeful, and therapeutic for an audience of great need that has been ignored for much too long. Should be on the shelves of all school counselors and therapists.
Leonette Henderson - Families, Systems and Health (American Psychological Association) (2007)

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"Within our professional development, two-day institute [Living in the New Normal], we purchase and use Finding My Way. It has proven to be very well received and is a great resource’such a clear and approachable method that is extremely useful on many levels."
Mary Keller, Ed.D., Executive Director, Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC).

"A ground-breaking, remarkably sensitive book that addresses the confusion and distress experienced by teenagers whose parents have been exposed to trauma. Families whose teenagers are coping with trauma exposure should be strongly encouraged to seek help and comfort from this unique text. It could make all of the difference in the world."
Fred Sautter, Ph.D., Psychologist. Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, Tulane University Health Sciences Center.

"An extremely practical and compelling guide which embodies extensive research and clinical wisdom. Most importantly, it’s written from the heart as a gift to families struggling with the aftermath of trauma."
Lieutenant Commander Tim Reimann, United States Navy Reserve.

"Thousands of young people in Minnesota will need this book."
Gail Mossman, Youth and Child Coordinator, Minnesota National Guard.

"FINALLY! A book designed to empower teens to understand and cope with a traumatized parent. A vital tool for teens, parents and helping professionals. Speaks to teens in straightforward language and depersonalizes the reasons for their parents' behavior. Most importantly, it helps teens develop coping skills to deal with the aftermath of trauma."
Laura Lochner, Ph.D., Psychologist. Former Chief of the Life Skills Support Center, Head of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team, and Head of the Mental Health Disaster Team at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma.

"Every day millions of young people experience violence in their homes. This book offers skills to teens in a blame-free, age-appropriate manner. A very important book, the first of its kind. I intend to place copies in all domestic violence programs in Oklahoma."
Marcia Smith, Director, The Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

"Outstanding resource for anyone who is trying to understand PTSD, but especially helpful for teenagers who want to know why their parent has changed and what they can do about it."
Jeff Pyne, M.D., Psychiatrist. Associate Professor, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Commander and Medical Corps, United States Navy Reserve.

"Has received rave reviews by our network and could not have come at a better time ... provides information, coping skills and communication strategies to help (teens) normalize their (military) experience while offering them the hope they need to grow."
Megan Turak, Executive Vice President, Military Family Network (2008).

"Honest, helpful, direct, therapeutic, and above all, a genuine aid to all young people. A MUST for all schools and treatment programs."
Reverend Richard Lutz, Chief Hospital Chaplain, Retired.

"This hands-on book is ideal for any teen whose parent has lived through a traumatic event. The clinical and educational expertise of the mother-daughter Sherman team shines through. Based on well-grounded scientific and clinical knowledge, the book is accessible and welcoming to the reader."
Jennifer Vasterling, Ph.D., Psychologist. Boston, Massachusetts.

"This beautifully written and developmentally appropriate book provides understanding and support to teenagers who are struggling with the results of trauma experienced by their parents. Knowledge can at least partially erase fear. This interactive book gives the reader a chance to vent, to develop insight, and to overcome fear."
Marilyn Coleman, Ph.D., Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, University of Missouri, Columbia.

"Finally, a book that explains PTSD in simple language and guides teens in coping and healing. This useful, sensitive book provides a practical toolbox for the reader. I highly recommend this book for the whole family and for therapists/teachers who are looking for ways to help."
Richard A. Carothers, Ph.D., Psychologist. Past Chair of the Veterans Affairs Section (Division 18) of the American Psychological Association.

"A long-awaited contribution to the field of PTSD."
Karen A. Guthrie, LICSW, Dartmouth Medical School.