Our mission is to empower
families who are dealing with
issues of war, trauma or
mental illness by:
  • Providing essential information
  • Normalizing a variety of reactions
  • Encouraging open communication
  • Supporting healthy coping
  • Offering comfort and hope

Michelle D. Sherman, Ph.D.
DeAnne M. Sherman
New from Seeds of Hope Books
  My Story - Book My Story  

A series of blogs by military teens describing their feelings and experiences before, during and after parental deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan.
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Also Available from Seeds of Hope Books
  Finding My Way - Book Finding My Way  

A unique, three-part book that honestly and gently addresses key issues in dealing with a parent who has experienced trauma. An important resource for anyone working with teens, this interactive book includes clear information and opportunities for self-expression.
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  Book Image Book Title  

A first-of-its-kind, interactive book for teenagers who are dealing with a parent who has schizophrenia, depression or bipolar disorder. Highly relevant for all helping professionals, this practical yet sensitively written book provides the teen reader with information, suggestions for effective coping, and thought-provoking activities.
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